In a shift of focus from entertainment to empowerment, Lance has created a new Subliminal Persuasions workshop for The Actors. This one-of-a-kind presentation does more than simply amaze and entertain. Participants learn memory techniques; their intuition is tested; and they are taught how to tap into their unconscious mind to enhance their creativity; intuition and decision making on stage. “Subliminal Persuasions” allows participants to experience greater personal power and to achieve success more easily. 




Is your theatre company ready to take that next step toward a more rewarding and fulfilling theatre experience for your audience and actors alike?



Lance tailors each two hour workshop to the needs of each individual theatre and will work with you to create what is sure to become an annual event your members will look forward to.





Workshops for 2011 are being booked now, so contact us today before you get shut out.