""Throughout the ages, man has sought to look behind the veil that hides him from tomorrow. And through the ages, certain men have looked into the polished crystal... and seen. Is it some quality of the crystal itself, or does the gazer merely use it to turn his gaze inward? Who knows? But visions come. Slowly shifting their forms... visions come. Wait. The shifting shapes begin to clear." - Nightmare Alley (1947)





The Soothsayer stands in the middle of the crowd of onlookers and began distributing blank cards and pencils among them.

“Imagine yourself standing before the legendary Oracle of Delphi and being given the opportunity to ask her one, and only one, question of vital importance to your life right now. What would it be?” The Soothsayer asks.





And thus begins Lance Norris’ new stage show, The Soothsayer.





Questions from the audience are asked and answered, without the augur touching the now written on cards.



The Question Answering Act - or "Audience Reading" as it is more commonly called today - has always been the major effect in mentalism. Q&A, while arguably the most powerful and memorable effect in mentalism, is rarely seen today because it does not fit into the "body language/ perceptionist/NLP" persona and style - its only explanations would appear to be pure mind reading or, as it was originally presented, communication with the spirits.



The Soothsayer is currently booking dates for a limited run.