Quotes Lance, Thank you so much for everything you have said and done for me the past few months, im so glad your wife came and got her nails done! you really have helped me through some tough times! and im gladed you are now part of perfections, everything you have said to me has come true and things you have said have made alot of sence, your an amazing man, thank you so much Lance Quotes
What an Amazing Man!

Quotes I came to one of your chariy events last night and you connected with me and told me some things from my nan i did not recognise them all but spoke to my dad and evrything you said relates to my nan i am amazed you are brill im pleased to know my nan is still around with us thank-you x Quotes

Quotes Hi Lance, I really enjoy the reading today it was so positive, it gave clarity and direction was ver positive and it was a very pleasant experience. It was great to know about my nan, thank you so much Quotes

Quotes Hi Lance, I had never seen a medium work before but when you said do I know anyone called David I said no. When I got home and told my sick husband he laughed and reminded me. David was a friend of ours and was only 53 when he died of cancer 5 years ago. I have always been a believer of life after death, when David was dying he told me that there was no such thing as life after death and if there was he would prove it to me, I am no upset that I didn't realise at the time that it was him. Keep up the good work I look forward to seeing you again and hearing more . Caroline Quotes

Quotes thankyou so much for my reading everything has come true so far which i never thought possible !!! relationship, moving,everything !!! cant wait to see ya again soon xx Quotes

Quotes dear lance, thankyou once again for the reading it has really helped me to find peace and confidence to get through this pain. Instead of thinking sad thoughts i am able to think of Ians happy cheeky face and feel his energy. My girls have been very emotional today about their uncle Ian which is strange as I hadn't mentioned anything to them about the reading as they are only young, but from having the reading I felt strong enough to reasure them that their uncle ian is looking after them. The messages and information you passed on was truely incrediable and true. from the names you mentioned to items such as the pink roses in which he sent to me all symbollised something. It is now after the reading that things come clear for example his Sweet tooth, he did indeed have a sweet tooth infact when he was youger he was caught on camera dipping his finger in to a chocolate pud, which he responded I didn't do anything' as he took away his finger. Quotes
My brother Ian

Quotes i just want to say thanku so much you gave such an accurate reading i met you in the royal oak norwood so glad i did c u again really soon xxxxxxx Quotes
tracy widdows

Quotes Lance, I just wanted to say thank you for the very accurate reading. It has helped me to gain clarity over various situations. A truly emotionally yet comforting experience that I would recommend for anyone. Thank you again Glen Quotes
Glen Turley

Quotes Hi Lance, I had a great reading with you a few weeks back. I look forward to meeting up with you again and would love to come to one of your shows. Unfortunately life has gotten in the way so far, however I am determined to see you again soon! Quotes
Great to Meet You