Quotes Thank you so much for the lovely readings you did for me. The evidence that my dad really was in the spirit world was totally amazing. I cannot believe you got his favourite drink. Quotes

Quotes That was the most fun my partner and I have had at a show in a long time. Thank you! Quotes

Quotes That was the best live show I've seen in ages. Truely Amazing! Quotes
Radio Host

Quotes I would like to thank you so much for the reading you shared with me, it all came together what you said about the blue car and the pink roses, which i layed on my brothers coffin at his funeral. You have helped me so much as I always worried that my dear little brother suffered but like you I would like to believe his spirit left him before. I will certainly arrange to meet you in person if i visit Boston next yr as I feel a real connection. thankyou so much Quotes
Thank you

Quotes Just had a reading with you this evening and had a very emotional one, at the time you mentioned a name that I couldn't relate to, but my husband just walked in and I mentioned the name and he got the connection straight away. It related to my mum and someone she saw as a second parent. Can't wait to tell her tomorrow! Will be booking again soon as I want to know more. Quotes

Quotes Hello Lance, I had to let you know what happened after my reading the other day. When I came to see you I had a message from my brother in the the spirit world asking me to scatter his ashes after five years, you said your brother is giving you a yellow rose. At the time, this did not make any sense to me. Yesterday I went to the beach and as I scattered his ashes, a single yellow rose came in on the waves. I don't how you could have known that, nor indeed that it happened. I am amazed. Thank you so much Quotes
Yellow Rose

Quotes Hello, I just wanted to thank you for my reading a short while ago; I met you at a ladies pamper event in Chestnut Hill. I was pregnant at the time, you predicted that you believed i was having a boy - which i have to tell you was absolutely right! I have always been a believer and have attended a few group clairvoyant events, including Tony Stockwell and Stephen Holbrook - though i've never received a message, i have been with people who have. My partner however is still very sceptical about it all, even though the people that have come through, have been members of his family! After speaking with you, and relaying my message back to him - he was truly shocked, though i think he still reserved a little scepticism. However, shortly after i'd given birth to our little boy, one of the first things he said was - 'She was right! I think i'll have to go see her myself!' In light of this, i'd like to say thank you, and well done because that is not a reaction i ever expected to hea Quotes

Quotes I first met Lance In october 2009 when i had booked him for a reading, he is a delightful person with fabulous energy. At the time I was feeling very unsettled and unfulfilled, knowing it was time to make changes. My reading was amazing, lance comfirmed my feelings and the new path that was about to open for me. I have made the difficult changes in my life and knowing that I am now on the path I am meant to be, is an incredibly uplifting feeling. Many thanks Lance for your warmth, honesty and encouragement. Quotes
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Quotes I wanted to say Thank you for my reading, Quotes

Quotes I wanted to say thank you for my private reading, afterwards i told certain members of the family and more things came to light, from certain things you mentioned. It was so accurate, situations, names, and items which are very relevant to our family. If anyone is not yet convinced then i suggest they visit you and they soon will be! hope to see you at another show Quotes
Thank You