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Andura (Improvements Group) Limited, Are Being Sued For £94,000

The UK trademark license holder of the Thermilate brand name Fountain Technologies Limited(Fountain) is suing Andura Coatings Limited;an Oxfordshire based Coatings Companylocated in Bicester for£94,000 for the illegal use of its registered trade name/trademark, logo and for makingfalse claims that they are an authorised user of their products and technology.

It appears from current legal actions that Thermilate and its distributors have embarked on a new strategic direction, one that exercises their rights in the patents and distribution agreements. The Claimant has begun a step-by-step approach actively pursuing companies making false claims of insulation products incorporating technologies sourced from Thermilate.

The owners and distributors of the Thermilate nameallege the aims behind the actions of the Respondent Andura Coatings Limited were to bring the Thermilate brand into disrepute, cause damage to its business and cause confusion across the marketplace.

In addition to civil action Thermilate Technologies Limited and its exclusive distributors are said to be pursuing government agencies to file for criminal action against Andura Coatings Limited, alleging that the claims made by Andura Coatings Limited and others are deceiving unwitting customers mounting to potentially thousands of pounds of illegal earnings.

Furthermore Thermilate Technologies Limited and itsbona fide distributors allege to have acquired product, photographic, fake test data and other documented evidence to back up their claims against this and other players in the marketplace. The Claimantarticulatesthat Andura (Improvements Group) Limited was provided with ample opportunity to mitigate losses and refrain from such activities prior to court action, but they failed to do so.

The licence holders are making no secret of their intention to openly provide any information required by the federal agencies for the purposes of prosecutionagainst any company making falsified claims which are impinging upon their business.



Brian Belsh
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Hey guys wanted to introduce myself to the community here and get to know the site. Just call me B, short for Brian. I am currently working in the Voice T1 business. I am responsible for various T1 Line and T1 Service. This is a very interesting job/career and I love it. I meet alot of different business people that has never even heard of this type of technology, which is a great conversation starter. I look forward to being a member of this site.

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California Dreaming
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We are personal trainers living in monterey california. Hiring a personal trainer can be affordable, with affordable prices that can fit every person's pocketbook. We have seen and firmly believe that “your health is your wealth” and you should invest wisely. Getting fit and working out is simple but it’s not easy, a large part of your fitness regimen is accountability.


As personal trainers we spend many early mornings working out and training others. We start the day with a good cup of Boresha Skinny Tea. For years we have been fans of Boresha Skinny Tea, as well as Skinny Coffee. A friend introduced us to Boresha many years ago and we have been hooked ever since.




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